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Located on the coast of Northern California, only a short drive from the famed Sonoma Wine Country, Bodega Bay is a world of its own. As you drive out to the coast on Bodega Highway, signs of development and people give way to sheep, cattle, green hills and spaciousness. And that is the major asset out here. Space, lots of it, brilliantly protected by the county from overdevelopment, making the homes here a veritable treasure. The beaches vary from the calm and protected inlet at Doran Beach to the wild and rugged surfer beaches along US 1. On many weekdays, you have the entire beach to yourself.

The town of Bodega Bay itself is one of the last commercial fishing towns on this coast, and is in transition as commercial fishing yields to tourist and recreational interests. However, nothing can change the beauty and purity of the natural environment here. Hikes on Bodega Head, long walks on miles of sandy beach or amid sand dunes, great meals overlooking the bay, all create a quiet and perfect place for a vacation home. Doran Beach offers a prime spot for families with small children as the surf here is mellow, and the beach perfect for flying kites and making sand mermaids.

Local History

Prior to 1775, the area around Bodega Bay was inhabited predominantly by Native Americans of the Miwok, or Olamentko, tribe. Then in 1775, a Spanish exploration landed here, giving the captain's name to the bay. Later, as part of the Russian settlements on the coast, an outpost was established in Bodega Bay. Commercial fishing was a main attraction for most of the years. Oysters, Salmon and helped up the area, attracting development of the fishing industry. In 1960, a channel was dredged to allow more access, and in 1961, a regional park was established at Doran Beach. In 1962, Alfred Hitchcock filmed his thriller "The Birds" in Bodega Bay, giving it national renown. In 1981, Bodega Bay was included in the designation of the National Marine Sanctuary, thus prohibiting oil and gas exploration and protecting the wild life.

Commercial fishing began a steady decline over the past 10 years. In 1988, commercial fishermen had a total catch of more than 14 million pounds. By 1995, tourism had replaced fishing as the major industry, and housing prices soared. With a median home price of 349,500 in 1999, Bodgea Bay became one of the top 250 most expensive towns to buy a home.

Fortunatley many Bodega Bay vacation home owners love to share their homes, and you can enjoy all the beauty of Bodega Bay from the comforts of one of these homes today, by the day, week or month.

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